October 7, 2016

Few Little Tidbits

 Out for a walk Poppy & Kili decided to get some corn complete with stalks for the pigs.

 Kili has decided that his bed is on the living room couch and the floor and the couch and the floor and the couch....
 The bull gets out
 We had our first APT field trip to see Comedy of Errors. It was crazy great... stress on crazy.  Two sets of twins get mixed up only in Shakespearean fashion.

 Bilbo at karate.
 We had a friend from TFP over for dinner and some relaxing conversation.  Since it was raining we had some fencing in the living room.   We concluded with the Rosary.

 We attended our second APT play of King Lear.  The down side was they wore contemporary clothing which I think confuses things a bit. But I still enjoyed it.

 Marigold and Kili made this "snowman" they had to show me.  Can you see it, in reality it is a "sandman"
 I asked what the hole was and they said it was the snowman's grave.  Seriously!!  I will admit I laughed right out loud.
 Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pumpkins.
 Speaking of... Merry... he had a visit to the doctor for unexplained swelling with intense pain in his left leg (see photo below).  Never go to the doctors on Fridays because it's difficult to get tests done. Seriously.  So then we headed over to the ER where they do tests on Fridays.  Blood work came back normal, x-rays normal.  So they sent him home.  So the doctor calls back to say Merry had some strep cultures in his throat (no sore throat, nothing) so he prescribed some amox in case there was a connection, so our big joke was that he had strep throat in his knee.   That said, the swelling is starting to go down and he's not in as much pain, so maybe  the knee bone is connected to the throat (bone).

 Frodo was belt tested for 3rd degree brown belt. One more set and he'll be a black belt.

 Our porch is still in progress, but check out this bench which turns into a table.
Awesome or what?

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