November 6, 2016

Lots of Activities

 Another busy month....
 Karate stooges doing demonstrations.

 Bald Eagle!!
 Deer, even if they are hard to find in the picture.

Corn Maze
 2016 corn maze

 Science with Mrs. Whitten
 Stickies indicating the parts of the body. Note mine was a stoic
Found this birthstone doll at St. Vincent's, we had these exact one's growing up. This one was my sister Bridget's!  I had a diamond.

Ooops... that was a very large pumpkin.

Aragorn and I went to the Treasures of the Church display of relics held at a brand new church. 8 of the children went the next day at a local church. It's amazing, touching and beautiful!

Traditional Wedding
 Prepping Poppy's veil for a wedding.

 A lovely couple needed a flower girl and we were pleased to be able to provide one.  Poppy wore her First Communion Dress gussied up with the appropriate colors.  Great choice of colors as she will wear this dress and the red for Confirmation (and her Confirmation saint who is a martyr) when she is confirmed at the end of November.

 The Traditonal Rite of marrige is performed before the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass begins.

 Following Mass a handful of us went over to the glorious reception.  Delicious food, absolutely the most tasteful beautiful decor I have ever seen.  A perfect ending to an absolutely beautiful wedding. Not to mention, I  made 2 new friends. Please offer a little prayer for them!
 Look closely, the flowers, branches, fruit, everything is real. It was so pretty.
 We even got to take one of the table centerpieces home, as well as some fruit.
 They also had lovely favors, coated almonds and tiny little bottles of honey! May their marriage always be sweet!

 Science experiment, blowing up a balloon with vinegar and baking soda.
 I don't know, your guess is as good as mine.

 Marigold really wanted you to see her bed for some reason.  She made it herself and was extremely proud of the effort.
 Total comfort food meal. Home made beef soup, ham and cheese pockets and applesauce. All from scratch all incredibly yummy.
 So 'tis the season to make applesauce we are.  The initial batch was time consuming and tedious.  Subsequent batch was much easier as we did not peal, just threw everything in after basic cutting. Cooked it down and then ran it through a separator, canned it and pressure cooked it.  Yum.

All Saints' Day Party
 We attended our All Saints' day party which was alot of fun. Lots of games and treats and enjoyable company to visit with.
 Cutest jars ever with little things inside to count. Winner takes home the goodies. They were very clever with ghost marshmallows for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, St. Isidore's candy corn, St. Francis' animal crackers, etc... Very cute, and everyone enjoyed making guesses.
 Many awesome costumes!
 Then there is ours.  Kili HAD to be St. Patrick.  The day before (or day of?) we cut the vestment out of green fleece (doesn't fray, no sewing, very cheap from St. Vincent's) and added gold duct tape. The back had the cross.  The cap was made of cardboard, covered with more green fleece and more gold duct tape.  Seriously simple

All Saints Day at home
 So for breakfast (no photo *gasp*) we had Joan of Arc Stuffed French Toast & St. Agatha's sausages. For lunch we had St. Lawrence grilled ham and cheese buns, Saint Halos (fun yuns), St. Brendan's coracle (oreos), St. Anthony's fish as well as St. Brigid's yogurt.
 For afternoon tea (cocoa) we had hot cocoa with the souls in Purgatory ghosts (marshmallows) Merry had won from guessing at the party, tonsured treats (donuts), St. Francis's animal crackers (bunnies as the store had no animal crackers... for real), St. Sergius' bears.
 For dinner we had St. Hubert's "deer-os" (our gyros are made of venison), St. Peter and Andrew's fish, St. Wendelin's staffs (pretzel rods).
 Out for a walk on All Saints' Day I found a rare monarch. They have been so scarce around here since the freeze in Mexico years ago. I was so delighted!  Next spring I'd like to do the project that my favorite blogger did:  Pondered in My Heart Monarch. LOVED IT!

 While we were out we found a crab apple tree just chuck full of crabapples! So we started picking and picking and picking.

 First we juice them in our steam juicer. The we made them into jelly.

 When I ran into town, I saw this man crossing the road. Hooray for the 2nd Amendment!  Yes, that is a shotgun. I just smiled and chuckled a little.  Made me think I just went back 60 years in time.

 Since homemade applesauce is so good I took the 4 littles to the apple orchard to get a couple bushels.  They enjoyed some play time at the orchard playground.

 Yummy goodness

All Souls' Day
 Our Bishop (who says the most Pontifical High Masses in the world) said one on All Souls' Day.  For a full range of (great) pictures visit our TLM society page here.

 Our small homeschooling group went bowling while the older ones attended a CPR class.

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