February 12, 2017

Septuagesim Sunday: Burying the Alleluia

After reading about burying the Alleluia on Septuagesima Sunday HERE at Fr. Z's blog, I thought we should do the same. 

 I printed up a decorated Alleluia and the chant that our Traditional Latin Mass Society had emailed out. "Benedicamus Domino Alleluia, Alleluia - Deo Gratias Alleluia, Alleluia"  (which I did sing, but didn't have much of an audience (which was good).
 While I went out for a walk, Frodo (I believe) used the skid loader to move a round bale to get to some ground that isn't frozen beneath it so that Merry could dig me a hole for our Alleluia.
 By the time I got back and went to bury our Alleluia (and the chant I stuck in there as it just seemed like a good thing to keep the Alleluia company until Easter), the hole had filled up with water.  Must have oozed in. So I believe it would be more correct to say that we drowned the Alleluia, rather than buried it.

 When Merry went to cover it with dirt the lovely disposable plastic container flipped over (it did not want to be drowned).

 Ever try to drown an Alleluia? It is not easy.  This was suppose to be nice and sacred but I'm afraid I got the giggles as it popped back up out of the ground.
If you would like to see a lovely way to bury the Alleluia, visit Fr. Z's blog HERE for pictures from his burying of the Alleluia. They had a lovely, probably very, very sacred service prior to a Solemn High Mass. We are so blessed to have Fr. Z in our diocese!

 In the meantime, Kili started to cry and sulk because he didn't want us to bury the Alleluia.  (Seriously?) I thought it was so comical that I wanted to get a picture but he wasn't cooperative and kept running off. Guess he just needed a little time to get the idea we won't be singing Alleluia until Easter.

 It was about this time that Poppy told him we'd get the Alleluia out when we get our Easter Baskets. That cheered him up immensely and he asked if we'd get the Alleluia out when Jesus rose from the dead and carried his banner. And then wanted to know what the banner had on it. I just said I supposed it said "Alleluia" (wasn't this suppose to be the buried word?)
 Judging by the look on his face he thought he needed to inform me of the truth.  He promptly went and got a book to show me that it was a red cross.  Methinks I had better get a standard with a red cross by Easter or I might be in trouble.
Since Nineveh 90 starts tomorrow, the day after Septuagesima Sunday, we opted to celebrate "Fat Sunday" with brownie sundaes (Costco vanilla ice cream is the best ice cream let me tell you).  Galadriel so graciously made us homemade brownies and we topped with pralines and chocolate sauce.

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  1. Oh, this delightful post gave us all a good laugh! Sometimes our 'holy' endeavors do lead us to the giggles, but that's okay too. Life is very funny sometimes. Love all the pictures of Kili. I'm sure you'll come up with a beautiful Paschal flag. :-)
    Blessed Septuagesima to you and yours!