May 3, 2007

Field Trip to Jelly Belly Land

(picture from Jelly Belly Site)
If you want to do something fun go on a field trip to the Jelly Belly Factory! I must have bonked my camera as it wouldn't work when we got there! Talk about a bloggers nightmare! Thanks to my SIL, I have some pics to share the funsies! The above picture shows the train we rode on, on the left are the warehouse shelves and those jelly beans dangling from the ceiling are something like 6 feet long!

This is our little group in front of a little white beetle-bug VW that was painted with jelly beans all over the bottom portion of it (Too cute! I could just envision my friend Nissa riding around in it!). There were 12 children under 11 and they all behaved beautifully. 8 of the children were mine and then 4 of my neices and nephews, 2 SILS and MIL came along. It was grand fun.

Donning the mandatory Jelly Belly hats, the girls were ready to ride on the Jelly Belly Express. The driver gave a fun and interesting guided tour through the factory (well, not the real factory, that was shown on videos along the way). You wouldn't believe the amount of sugar they use in a year's time!

There were huge pictures made with jelly beans of various famous people.

Here are 3 of our cute neices and nephews.
Be sure to check out the Jelly Belly Website and take the free virtual tour!

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