May 20, 2007

The Lay of the Land

An internet friend of mine asked what our land layout is like so here it is....

I took this picture standing in the SW corner of the property looking north. You can't see the other end as it slopes downhill.

Same SW Corner looking East. You can see the side of the house and some misc. tractor things...

Same said SW Corner looking towards the SE corner. Future machine shed... hence the exposed rather unsightly farm equipment. The beehives are towards the right.

This is taken from about the East side in about the middle of the property looking SE.

This is about in the middle of the land looking north.

North side.

Stream on the north side.

This is the field on the NE corner of the property.

A grassy patch on the East side.

A look down the road, we are on the right side and our neighbors have land on the left side.

Eastside field.

This is the neighbor's land across the road, it was too pretty to leave out.

Looking up the driveway, which is near the SE corner.

This is looking up to the SE corner from the bottom of the driveway.

This is from the front porch. The children's little play house is in there and a swingset in the making as well as a large collection of bicycles and toy trucks, buckets and shovels!


  1. Wow, I could get used to living is such an incredibly beautiful place! Lovely!

  2. What a gorgeous place!!! Wow! I loved the pictures, so lush and green and CLEAN!!!


  3. Hi Julie

    Your pictures are beautiful. My oldest son will be studying in his novitiate in Wisconsin(Burlington)in a couple of months so i was very interested to see the scenery!