April 8, 2008



The Rules -
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Donna who has a very interesting blog! Be sure to check out their maple syruping!

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3. List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself
#1 I'm a mother with 9 children, married only once.
#2 I still like to drink a Shirley Temple (kiddie cocktail we used to call them in NY).
#3 I like eating ketchup with cottage cheese... though it has to be the right kind of ketchup, it isn't as good with the organic ketchup. (Pineapple is really good on it too... though not with the ketchup!)
#4 Although I rarely make a boxed cake, when I do I like eating the little balls of the dry cake mix, and trying to eat them before they "pop".
#5 Aragorn and I have a "date" nearly every night, often drinking hot cocoa and talking... and still enjoy each other's company and we'll be married 13 years in June.
#6 We make our own electricity and wear skirts (the women/girls that is) and aren't Amish.
#7 Every now and then I get a craving for pop tarts (how embarrassingly weird is that?!)

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  1. I've been craving pop tarts lately, so it can't be weird because that would make me weird.

  2. My grandfather used to make me Shirely Temples when I was little! Thank you for bringing to mind such a sweet memory! I remember it being made with gingerale and what was it - grenadine ..or something like that?

  3. What a tea we could have with Pop Tarts and Shirley Temples! Yes, Donna, Gingerale and Grenadine!