March 27, 2008

Windmill Woopsie Daisy

Woops, our windmill had a bit of a woopsie daisy. I guess it's been a bit windy.

Pulled the anchors right up out of the ground. We aren't talking tent posts either but parts of old telephone poles.

What a mess.

And for those new to the blog, we live off-the-grid. "We" make our own electricity (that is "we" as in not me but Aragorn with a bit of Sam and anyone else who stumbles on over to help). We are working on getting more solar panels up.

Aragorn cutting off the damaged blades... naturally he had spares lying around so hopefully it isn't too terrible a project to get it put back up again.


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  2. That's awesome! That's our dream: to live off the grid. : )