March 27, 2008

Christ is Risen Alleluia

Happy Easter from Middle Earth!
(Does Bilbo not look exactly like Eowyn did when she was a baby?!)

On Easter Sunday we went to Mass at 11am and came home to remember I had forgotten to take our ham out of the freezer! It did eventually thaw out in the oven for a very late lunch! In the meantime the children had their annual egg hunt. They have a maze of eggs that eventually leads them to their Easter Basket of goodies.

We celebrated dinner with Aragorn's family. Check out this gorgeous cake! If you read this blog you already know I haven't a scrap of ability to decorate a cake but I have any number of exceedingly talented sisters-in-laws. I'm still waiting for some of this talent to rub off on me....

This is an edible wreath... yes, made by yet another one of my talented SILS. There were peeps and bunny peeps and all sorts of candies tucked into this flower wreath.

Bilbo... sporting the much needed drool-bib. He's a regular faucet.

This picture cracked me up! Apparently Bilbo doesn't appreciate sharing the cute baby position. I love the look on his cousin's face and the consoling hand on his knee!

Eowyn guessing at Grandma's jellybean count.

A cousin taking his 75th guess! :) Grandma had 2 lovely statues and a jar of 1300+ jelly beans as prizes. Winners were Galadriel, Frodo and this cousin.

Cousins are so much fun.

Another cousin having a tea party and I have to admit it was delicious "tea". She informed me that she was the baby to which the next little girlie cousin piped in: "And I'm the mommy".

Here's the little mommy. Ahhh... to be little girlies again!

Christus Resurrexit, Alleluia, Alleluia!

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  1. How sweet Julie,
    That little baby has sure grown. Your family looks like something out of a Beatrix Potter book (minus the rabbit thing)... just all very sweet and cuddly.

    God bless you and Happy Easter,
    Adele from Magnum Opus.