August 17, 2008

An August Party

I wish we had gotten a group picture of all the children at this party. Aragorn's brother and his wife hosted this party and there were some 50ish children under the age of 15 !!

It's not surprising that Eowyn was found reading to some of the littles.

Jump rope

And waterballoons!

Cute Cousins. These 3 pictures cracked me up.

The best part was that Bilbo loved being run over by his bigger baby cousin.

The girls' "club" found a neat hidey-hole under the deck.

Hitching a ride.

I was sorry I didn't get a single picture of Bilbo's Godparents' House-to-be as it is at the other end of this gorgeous property. The views are incredible, the pathway up was so lovely and the house was just beautiful.

Where has the summer gone? Only 2 weeks until Labor Day weekend?

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