August 26, 2008


A good friend of mine asked about the PACE program I mentioned in the lesson plans below so I thought I'd take a few minutes to explain it.
PACE is the abbreviation for Program for Achieving Character Education by M. Monica Speach

This curriculum uses as it's basis William J. Bennett's The Book of Virtues and The Moral Compass to give moral lessons to help develop a good character in children. The curriculum is mostly geared towards children up through grade 6 however, the stories can be enjoyed by children up to the age of 110. I'm not quite 110 but I love reading stories with a purpose, with a good moral or lesson.

This program covers ten virtues/topics:
Self-discipline, Work, Perseverance, Faith/Trust, Compassion, Friendship, Courage, Loyalty, Responsibility and Honest. Each topic is covered with a series of lessons:

1. Quotations. Little short quips and quotes that are easy to remember and memorize but leave a lasting impression. Aesop's "Actions speak louder than words." or the Holy Bible "Do not be conquered by evil but conquer evil with good." Since I'm a lover of short snappy quotes, this is one thing that sold me on this!

2. Definition: Learn what the virute is

3. Stories: read from the Book of Virtues and the Moral Compass

4. Bible: read stories from the Holy Bible about people who exhibited virtuous behaviour.

5. Mary, the Saints and the Virtues: read about Our Lady and Saints who either lived or struggled with these virtues

6. Recommended Books: Free reading, stories that support the virtue studied, long lists are given by age level.

7. Discussion: carrying on a conversation about the virtues, books read, history discovered

8. Writing: Writing about the virtue. This is based on the discussion or on any points covered. Once a child can verbalize what he wants to say, writing it is just putting those well put together thoughts on paper.

9. Enrichment: Art, Music, Nature/Science, Classroom Projects

10. How to Practice This Virtue: I love this section. There is a lengthy list of suggestions for how to practice each virtue. There is no sense in studying virtue if we have no intention to put it into practice. The virtues are for us; they are the means to our Sanctification. There is a lovely verse that I just love and that is "to hear the word of God and keep it". We "keep it" by living the virtues of course anyone who knows me, esp my Confessor could tell you that I'm not quite (any where near) to the point of virtue so this course is not just for the children but for the teacher as well!

Sorry I cannot remember where I purchased this as it was a couple/few years ago! I'm just getting to it now (sad but true!)


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