March 14, 2009

First Almost-Spring Walk

We went for our first almost-spring walk, looks a bit like fall.

Who needs a trampoline when you've got piles of brush?

We got a tour of Sam's after-school winter logging project.

Down the trail in the woods to go see the ponies.

Sam and Galadriel had made this fort over the winter.

They had sawed the icy frozen snow into blocks.

Frodo and Rosie with Gemma and Ol' Dan.
I got the joy of walking back with the almost 3 year old. "Are we almost home yet?" ...

Of course it would have been a much more comfortable journey if he hadn't had 2 left feet :)

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  1. Hah, the backwards feet are a common sight in our house too. LOL Drives me up the wall!