March 14, 2009

Rosary Making

A lovely couple came to show the IHHomesch00lers how to make Rosaries with knots. The Rosary in front is made from chestnuts (or buckeyes)
They have made really beautiful and interesting rosaries. Some made out of grape and wheat seeds, some made out of the beads of necklaces, corn, fishbone, and much more!

Mr. H. would burn off the strings so they wouldn't fray.

Don't ask me why these rotated!

Working on their rosaries.

Frodo helping Rosie.
Mrs. H. helping one of the homeschoolers.

Sam took a keen interest in the burning "machine" and took over that job!


  1. Julie,

    Doesn't surprise me that Sam took over the burning machine! LOL!

    BTW, we are going to be up your way this summer...I would love to see you and your children again, if we can work it out.

  2. OH!! Almamter!! That would be wonderful if we could visit this summer! Just email me off-blog. julie @ RSIxray .com Yay!