May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, Samwise

 Sam is 17. He's a master at anything to do with his hands and fixing anything mechanical.  He's now measuring somewhere around 6'2".  He's in the jeans-size of the month club.  To which anyone with tall skinny  boys knows there is pretty much only one place to buy them... Farm and Fleet.  If he had a mother that relished the idea of taking him out to practice driving he'd have his drivers' license...!

Before we left for the hospital to get Kili we had forgotten to actually eat Sam's brownie sundaes so they celebrated while we were gone.. how sad is that haha.  However, we did take him to eat, his choice was Hu Hot.  We shared birthday and mother's day together.  Same as the year he was born!

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  1. Stephanie in GermanyMay 26, 2013 at 3:48:00 PM CDT

    Julie, my oldest also just turned 17 on the 24th! and is 5'11"... but a girl ;-) Here in Germany , 18 is the age to get your drivers license, thank goodness.