May 5, 2013

Mass with the Bishop and Science Fair

 We were blessed to have a lovely Mass with our Bishop to end our formal homeschooling year of activities. It began with a presentation of flowers to our Lady.

We had an awesome group of altar boys that did a fantastic job.

 Following the Mass, the Bishop enrolled those who wished to be enrolled in the brown scapular.  We were down to Bilbo for his enrollment.

 Following the Mass there was a year-end science fair.  Sam did an awesome project making some 10 windmills to study... umm... something-over-my-head.  I asked why he didn't bring a scale model of his project to which both Aragorn and Sam laughed at me and said this was the scale model.  Oh.

 The children present had a great time trying to spin it fast enough to light a lightbulb.

 Frodo did a project on bees and their swarming and hiving activities.

The project by a young lady cracked me up... have been at the "old campus" in college I learned to be an expert toilet plunger.  (no that was not my degree!)

 Ok, I was so disappointed I was hasty and got a nice blurry picture as this was so precious of the teenage brother carrying his baby sister in a pack.  Don't you love that?

 This is why I hesitate to send my husband to pick up anything that involves food.  We had planned a nice shrimp newburg dinner to which he brought home, also, some baby octopus. I know some people who perhaps might salivate at the sight of cooked octopus, but I had to pass on this delicacy.  Expectant women do get some say in what they are capable of eating at any given moment!!

 We've had some very lovely spring days lately and the tulips budded... and bloomed....

 There was a sheep shearing done last night to which this is the before picture.....

 And this is the after picture.  So... if anyone knows what to do with some very thick, very heavy, very, lanolin-y sheep wool, better make a comment quickly.  Anyone know how to clean it?!


  1. I just asked my friend, Barb, an experienced sheep owner, if she would pop over to your blog to comment on this post. If you get Barb's sheep insights, you'll be in good hands! :)

  2. I saw a post on this over at (another) Elizabeth's recently. She may start too far along in the process for you though?

  3. I have nothing to say about sheep, but you are all so blessed to have a bishop to do that Mass for you. Wow!

  4. Was it a TLM? I know he can do them, but my impression was that these weren't.

    1. No, the Mass was OF, though we used lots of incense and sung propers, just to name a few things... :)

    2. And I might add, it was very beautiful. And... ad orientem which is always a nice added dimension. The altar boys were superb.