April 30, 2013

Newborn Reality

First, please pray for a dear friend of mine who is going to have her baby on May 2nd (sharing the day with my baptism day).  He has Trisimony 18 and really needs prayers that God will be merciful and let them keep their baby for a long time.

 #12 is not due pretty soon but will be arriving pretty soon... May 14th to be exact.  Also happens to be the day I was adopted, I'm delighted to share the day.  Due to placenta previa the baby needs to arrive early by c-section so this will mean a smaller baby that we are used to.  Yeah, I'm a little anxious about it as it is very different than the other 11 babies who arrived in their own time.... late!  So I learned something new.  0-3 months is not newborn size clothing.  See picture above, that is a NB outfit over the top of a 0-3m outfit. There is actually a "newborn" size which is sized 5-8 pounds vs the 0-3 months which goes to about 12 pounds.  I discovered I only had a few items in the real NB size. After a few people gave us some NB items and I bought some irresistible items (they are sooo tiny and sooo cute) this baby now has about 25 tiny little onesies, probably an equal number of tiny little outfits in NB!

Pippin came up to me this evening and asked if we were getting a (enter gender here).  I said, "Yes."  He then asked how I knew and I said I had seen a picture that is sort of like an x-ray (my x-ray guy husband did not agree with my terminology last time this topic came up, but hey, Pippin is 7, "x-ray" is good enough). Pippin then replied, "Oh eww, you saw a picture inside you? Did you see lots of guts and stuff?!"

This is exactly why we have never used to tell our children about babies-enroute. Unfortunately the topic can't seem to be avoided these days. I believe that there are some things that are sacred, the whole world seems to think anything is public knowledge.  But the children are all very excited.

 It was 87 degrees out today.  But cooler temps are coming. Welcome to our neck of the woods it can be 4 seasons in 1 week.

Who me?!  What? What'd I do now?!

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