April 17, 2013

Catching Up

Just catching up with a pile 'o pictures completely out of order.....

 My dad was out for while. I don't know why we didn't get more pictures.  But we really enjoyed the time!
 Marigold wandering off...

 Can we get a little more "cheese" in that smile?  All set for Easter.
 We had a wild ice storm last week. I really only knew how icy it really was because I was up in the night... as usual.  I think for the first century in Heaven I will be sleeping.  So, please... don't wake me up.
 But the ice was definitely beautiful.
 We are trying to figure out which flamingo the chicks look like....!
 If I recall correctly this was the Sunday that Marigold and I stayed home from Mass because I was sick.

 The daffodils are out!!! LOVE those!

 Marigold seems to have a crop of curls that grows on her left side and the right side is rather straight.  Interesting.
 She also seems to be able to find some rather uncanny places to fall asleep... but we do let sleeping babies lie!
 We dyed eggs on Easter since I had a couple sick kids which made us home-bound for Easter Sunday.  It seems to me the only reason they got sick was so that we wouldn't be able to go anywhere for Easter.  As they seemed fine as the day wore on.

 Sometimes they share... sometimes they don't.
 Um... a little more attire for Mass is required.
 Easter Egg hunt.... in the snow... of course.

 A couple deer in the back 40.  Is that a saying?
 Marigold would like you all to believe she is an angelic child while singing the Rosary.  Actually, every evening she wails all through Rosary until it is over.
 Siamese raspberries?

 However, if Marigold has a temper tantrum (not that my kids have temper tantrums...!...) you will notice that curls come out on both sides of her head. We'll see what happens when the humidity hits this summer.
 This could only be one certain child...

 One grubby boy running away one not-so-grubby boy genuflecting.  I cannot possibly imagine... can you?
 Well, as I said these are vastly out of order.  The night after the ice storm we were rudely awakened at 1:15 with a terrific bang which had me peeling myself off the ceiling.  Aragorn figured the windmill crashed down (we were having a terrific wind storm).  He looked out and saw the windmill still standing but this giant thing outside the window. My first thought (remember it was 1:15am) was that an airplane was crashing through the house.  Yes, that makes alot of sense but the 1:15am imagination isn't exactly realistic.  Well, it was the trampoline up on it's side which had been blown around the side of the house and one of the poles was crashing through the window.. some 4 feet from my head.  No joke.    Oddly it didn't damage the screen and only smashed the outside piece of glass but not the second layer.
I don't know, I guess my kids thought this was art.

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  1. The girls are adorable!
    The boys are adorable too!
    That window? Is not so adorable.