April 30, 2013

Detachment for True Attachment

I received a book I had ordered from TAN publishers called:  Consoling Thoughts on Sickness and Death compiled by Pere Huguet from the writings of St. Francis de Sales (one of my absolutely favorite saint-writers)  I have read a number of pages and it is very beautiful and can be applied in many ways to those things that make our soul sorrowful, the circumstances and difficulties and sufferings we find ourselves in.  One quote that I found quite inspiring is this:

Let us advance, then, dear souls, let us not be stayed by the enticements of the age.  There is above us a solid, a permanent good, which inebriates souls with so sweet an ambrosia, that they can scarcely know their joys, so many contentments do they possess.

Let us advance.  Something to ponder... what is holding us back from growing in deeper holiness?  Our holiness is not found expressly in how often we are able to show up for daily Mass or in our little prayerful routines... those are very good and very important, of course, but what happens when we find ourselves in circumstances that take away these little spiritually ideal practices?  What should happen is that we should find our holiness right where it should be, in the heart, where things really count.  God is going to try those who desire to live a life of holiness and His Way often is one of detachment. Will you still love Me if I ask you to detach yourself from even this?  There is no greater way to show our true love for God than through detachment of the things... and people.... of this world for there is only one True Attachment that we must desire.  So... let us advance and accept what God asks of us so that one day we may taste that sweet ambrosia.

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