October 19, 2014

Fall Daze

 I often take the student I'm working with out on the porch as it is quiet there. This day the scenery was adorable.  I like prayerful initiative.
 I believe she is saying, "Meet my Mother!"  Later I saw her carrying on a conversation, complete with hand gestures.  Precious!
 The fall scenery is very pretty... though not quite as pretty as the New Hampshire fire glow of the red maples and other brilliant hues.

 Out for a walk with the stroller and mule pack.

 Pigs are slowly but surely looking  a little more like bacon and pork chops...

 Our neighbors are logging so there are lots of great leftover tidbits for our firewood.
 Must get rid of that bottle.  It is always rather comical the things we loathe often become our lives at some point. The lesson being, I suppose, is that evil comes from within, not from without...

 kitty kitties

 'Tis the season....
 Frodo on his belt test.

 This was really neat! They had 1 person attacked by 3, the point was the 1 was suppose to try to stay off the ground while the 3 tried to land him on the ground.  Frodo did great.
 They got him down but somehow he was able to get back up. I got it all on video, if it will ever load I'll share. (It's now loaded in the post below)
 Blue Belt!

 It never ceases to amaze me that if I turn my back for an instant that there is suddenly something new. This we call the tomb, though in reality I'm not sure what the design will be, I just know they are adding insulation under the porch. I'm glad, as we love to study out there... did I mention ... the quiet?
 Frodo is working on adding on a lean-to (hopefully not leaning-too-much) out the basement door.

 A little time with some friends.

 It also happened to be the Prince's birthday.
 Frodo and company milking.

 Galadriel and Eowyn work at a local bakery started by local friends.
 What a blessing to have truly Catholic bosses as examples.
 Galadriel might not looked thrilled but she loves it.  I might add that the cinnamon rolls are amazing and so are many ALL of the other items.  And, no preservatives or artificial stuff... I know Stinky Kitchen... there is sugar :D
 Future shed.
 Fall daze.
 Just a daze.
The end.

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  1. These photos of your littles could all be Rockwell's! They are soooo adorable!