October 5, 2014

More of Our Oddities

 What Kili would say if he was able to talk more than gibberish:
I would like to invite those locals to our Latin Mass where we have really great donuts and other goodies for those who behave in Church. I mostly behave.  
Yum!  And the friendships are great, too!
The Mixing Bowl Bakery is coming soon!
 Just enjoying some summer weather in fall.... that was last week, this week is cold.

 How to love a kittie with Kili....
 I hug 'em, 'n squeeze 'em and give 'em lots o' luvin'.

 One never knows what may walk across the driveway... bee keeper or ghostbusters... one just never knows.

 This is not a tiny elephant for dinner, this is a squirrel.
 This is a squirrel cooking...
 The katana boys.

 Please sir, I want some moooooooooore!  
 I came down from classes in the school to find Kili plastered with address labels.  Glad the mail lady didn't show up before I got them off!
This is my rendition of The Stinky Kitchen Spinapplot.  Mine is more of a WhatchaFindInTheFruitBinALot.  But this time I added in a handful of spinach and it was really good. My juicing usually has apple, lemon or lime, strawberries, blueberries (but those 2 are getting outrageously expensive so I will have to wait til February when they are back in season in South America or something to have), anyway, also carrot and sometimes and orange.  It is delicious and I could not even taste the spinach.

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