January 4, 2015

Christmas Day

 This year's ticklish ornament was one of a family of 14. I suppose it is meant for grandparents with grandchildren, but fits our family! :D
 Waiting patiently while the big boys do the chores to open presents.
 Large numbers of people create a large pile even when everyone only gets a couple items.  That said, I remember when I was a child friend getting-getting-getting far more than I had ever seen. I cannot fathom buying and wrapping so many gifts.
 Of course, THIS is the most important part of the day... the coming of Christ.
 Our Nativity set continues to grow.  Some of the village is underneath the table. Next year we will have to figure out how to put it all on the same plane.  This year's additions included Angel Gabriel and a little angel (that came as a free gift). My mom added the weaving shop and the shepherd, Matthew.
 Still waiting.....

 Here they come!
 Rosie had a creative gift that kept Kili very busy during the long process of opening gifts, one or two or three at a time depending on what gifts went together.
 Balloons... life doesn't get better for a tot than a life with balloons.  Or as my cousin used to say "ba-yoons"
 Christmas without a doll just wouldn't be Christmas. Marigold was delighted.
Aragorn found this really amazing (used) trainset, the boys have spent hours with this.

 Frodo had decorated his room with greenery hanging from the ceiling with Baby Jesus in a cradle of greens. It was precious!

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