August 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Galadriel!

 Happy 18th Birthday, Galadriel!
 Marigold's picture of Galadriel.
 Lots of homemade gifts and treasures
 One of Eowyn's pictures
 Eowyn's gift of her book "Cabin Boy"

 Just a funny shot.
 'Tis the season
 New cattle

 August 22nd will be the Anne of Green Gables play. All costumes and props are in order.

 Delay's on the interstate due to a brush fire, we think.
 Marigold still trying to fit in a 24 month fufu dress.
Kili still trying to fit into the sink (not that we ever put him in the sink).  This boy is mischief all over.


  1. Beautiful pictures--thanks for sharing! I love baby brother's stare down of that cake in the first one--hope he was able to wait patiently for his piece! (-:

  2. Happy Birthday dear sister!