July 30, 2015

Saints Abdon and Sennen

I thought this little tidbit in the lives of St. Abdon and Sennen was a very good reminder to us, especially when we want to say, "Why me?"

"Decius, learning of Abdon and Sennen's dedication to the Faith, was extremely irritated.  He sent for the two brothers to appear before his tribunal, and attempted to win them over to sacrifice to the false gods, by appealing to his recent victory, as a sign of their favor.  The Saints replied, however, that this victory was not at all a proof of such power, since the unique true God, Creator of heaven and earth with His Son, Jesus Christ, gives victory to some and defeat to others, for reasons hidden in the designs of His providence."

Incidentally, to explain the picture, "Decius arraigned them before the Senate, in whose presence they again testified to the divinity of Christ, saying they could adore no other.  The next day they were flogged in the amphitheater; then two lions and four bears were released to devour them.  But the beasts lay down at their feet and became their guardians, and no one dared approach for a time.  Finally the prefect sent out gladiators to slay them with the sword, which with the permission of God was done."

These are splendid reminders that nothing comes to us that is not permitted by God Himself and that in some way, suffering, trials, as well as blessings are all for His greater honor and glory and for our salvation.

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