July 26, 2015

More Summer Things

Gradually getting ready for school.  Our uniform is a plaid jumper with blue blouse for grade school girls and blue skirts and light blue blouses for the high school girls.  Jumpers and skirts from http://www.jmjmodestdress.com/.  Boys wear either khaki or navy climber pants (best pants ever from Lands End) with navy or red polos.
Our sunflowers all face East all day (and night) long, just waiting for Our Lord as the rest of us...!
One of our bunnies was wildly attacked by yellow jackets.  Here is the nest, it was huge!
Temporarily the bunny, Gandalf, was moved in with some ducks and chicks (or are not really chicks any more, just not in with the other chickens yet)

Awwww! How sweet!
Dapper for Mass
And pretty pleased!
Both our tents barely survived the 2 weeks of summer camps with the Institute of Christ the King, so I bought a new one since the 3 stooges like to sleep out in the summer.

Eowyn sent me that picture of one of our tents at camp which had persistently collapsed... oops.
The solar panels that run a heater in our bathroom is used by the kids as a warming-up-after-swimming hot house.  Great place to dry when the trampoline is in need of a welding surgery. Clever.
So, last week the boys were gone to camp, this week the girls were gone. Life is very different without my 4 oldest girls. Some people have grape stomps, Marigold and Kili had a flour stomp.
What? What's the matter?
This is great fun!
I think they are doing their exercises or something.
Meanwhile Frodo and the boys are making some zucchini cake.  Please note the flour on the faces.... I was told that "when you are baking, you have to have flour on your faces." I am always learning new things.

From what I understand, there wasn't enough room in the pan for the excess amount of frosting, so they smooshed the cake down and put all the frosting on. As you can see the remaining cake is floating in a rather liquid frosting.  However, it did taste good.  Looks aren't everything.
Frodo and Aragon (Dad) arm wrestling.

Aragorn won.
So this week the girls attending the Institute of Christ the King summer youth camp and had a great time.  I thought to take pictures of some of the banners.

The boys banners were still there so I took pictures of a couple of them as well.

The chapel, complete with choir loft!  They had daily Traditional Latin Masses with singing.

After Mass was the closing ceremony. Frodo had gone up with me to pick up the girls (in hopes of seeing some of his camp friends) and was rather dismayed by the volume girls can have. I will say that the girls far out cry the boys when it comes to hooting and hollering!
Kili was very happy to see his sisters.
After the pool being up for about 7 weeks, Kili finally decided to go in. He has been very adamant about not going in the pool this year. But now he loves it so long as he is clinging to someone.
Saintly Silver dolls from Etsy are so cute! This is St. Joan of Arc. Kili thought she needed a bath and dipped her in the pool. I'm still trying to get her dry!!
When Marigold gets to heaven she says she is going to be Saint Joan-uh Vark.

Nothing is a greater than an attempt to push one's teen age brother into the pool. They have yet to succeed.

Muscle man

The Scooby Doo mobile at Kwik Trip.

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