July 6, 2015

Summer Stuff

 Kili sporting his muscles.
 Marigold with my sister

 Marigold really likes those little "circle cheese" things with the wax on them... The wax makes for a good clown nose... I guess...
 Bilbo had his first belt test, graduating from white to yellow belt.

 Frodo graduated from green belt to green with brown.    He's our master karate-ist.
 The goal was to get over to the Diocesian Ordination following the belt tests, however, my car broke down, so I missed all of Bilbo's belt test and the Ordination.  My car simply completely died in a most inopportune spot.  Ka-put.  It ended up being the alternator.

 The Saturday following the Ordination were the first Masses. I wasn't able to make both but was able to attend the one for this priest. IT was the most beautiful Mass!  Afterwards we attended the picnic and received his first blessing.  This is my friend receiving the first blessing. Many congratulations to our newest priests! Deo Gratias!

Kili is a leftie!
Garden things are growing!

S'mores on a summer evening... some in their pjs....
The cat's had one kitten who survived.

Picnic at the little church

Sporting Anne of Green Gables costumes.

Galadriel is Mrs. Barry and Jane Andrews
Eowyn is Marilla
Frodo is the reverend and Jimmy Glover
Rosie is Josephine Barry and Mrs. Blewett
Eleanor is Mary Jo and a school girl.

After 2-1/2 weeks... Jack is back!
He was found in the neighbor's pasture.

Merry by the giant pumpkin leaves.
Marigold eating off the Mulberry tree... the monkey actually chased the weasel around the mulberry tree, not the mulberry bush...!
Stubborn donkey!

Frodo flips

Merry and Pippin have been sleeping out back in the tent and loving it!

Sam bought a nice new-to-him sailboat.

Haps for Rosie.  We are in a hat thing thanks to Anne of Green Gables play!

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  1. My first thought seeing Killi in the first picture was "sun's out, guns out!"
    Great photos.