July 5, 2015


 This is a classic case of "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence." This cow had broken out of the fence and was standing on the "other side of the fence" while eating through the fence to the side he had just broken out of. We now know that it really is true.
 Not so funny as cute. Here is one of our baby chinchillas gnawing on a popcorn kernel.  We have 3 baby chinchillas who are ready to sell if anyone is looking for one... email me. They are a lot of fun.
This comes from the bizarro comic side.  Aragorn was on a site job when he came out to find that these people had placed all their belongings: lunch, diaper bag, books, and other paraphernalia on the hood of his car. They told him to just move their stuff to the car next to his.  Huh?!

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