June 28, 2015

Holy Hill

 My parents came out during our crazy May-end, during Confirmation, Graduation, Recital, and Graduation Party and shamefully I didn't get a single picture... argh!  Now my sister and her husband came for a very delightful visit.  Aunt B brought a truck for Kili and he couldn't have been more delighted... or possessive.
 I took my sister, her husband, Pippin and Merry up to Holy Hill. On the way we stopped to fill up, 18 gallons for $1.99. I'm ok with that.  Gotta love BP rewards!
 Beautiful Holy Hill!
 This is the tower we climbed up.
 Pippin near a picture of his Confirmation Patron St. Juan Diego.
 The chapel with the gorgeous stained glass windows is complete, minus any names for future donors.

 Climbing up the tower.
 I am not a fan of heights so this view down the stairs was nauseating, but pretty neat-o!
 My sister in the tower.

 Pippin and Merry

 Visiting Our Lord in the main basicila
 Pallium donated to the basicila by Archbishop Dolan

 Galadriel treated us to one of her baked custards. Yum.
 Bonfire and s'mores.

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