June 7, 2015

May Birthdays and Other Activities


 Duckling & chick, some of the chicks got trampled by the ducks... oops.

 May crowning with our children's choir singing

 Kili getting ready to give us a sermon.

 Nothing but a huge truck that made us laugh by it's disproportionate-ism.

 If we ever get a white van, I want some of these flowers on it.

 Happy 19th Birthday, Sam, the best Mr. Fixit!

 Morel mushroom season was great this year! Sam & Frodo made $750 selling them! Bravo boys!

 Our chincillas, Chichi and Leelah had a set of TRIPLETS!!! On Ascension Thursday... and also Kili's birthday!

 Happy 2nd Birthday, Kili! Ever charming us with his ways! Now if he'd just potty train he'd be truly charming.

 Thank you Great Aunt Susan!  Another great book to add to the collection!

 What was I saying about Mr. Fixit?  The best!

 Our dog Ransom is up for sale if anyone is interested. Nice dog, just enjoys chasing cows which isn't a great feature when our cows already enjoy breaking out of fences without his help.

 The triplets are just so cute and funny!!
 Here is Leelah taking her dust bath.

 Our cat also had kittens. There is only 1 left as several died, Kili got ahold of one of them and "hugged him and kissed him and..."

 Busy planting

 Plain weird.

 Sam's old tree fort

 Sam shooting his arrow

 The 2 remaining kittens.

 One evening on a walk, picture taken by Aragorn.

 May procession at grandma's house up in the chapel.

 Being 2 is such hard work.  Only Kili would take the sink out of the kitchen set and get stuck in it.

 Hard boiled double yolk eggs.

 Another trip to the Space PLace with the stooges, this time it was phases of the moon, but this was the only picture I took.

 Putting the finishing staples and folds on the Confirmation booklets... 300 of them at 40 pages! Thank goodness for helpers!

 Band concert with Holy Family Home Schoolers

 Frodo receiving an award for his participation in the Solo & Ensemble.

 Checkin' out the chicks

 Kili helping serve up the salad.... a rather messy project.

 Happy 4th birthday, Marigold!  She keeps us on our toes with all her questions!
She said when she gets to Heaven she is going to be St. Joan-uh-VARK.

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