June 21, 2015

May Daze

This is how we've all felt through May!

  May is always crazy, crazy, crazy.  Anything from our attempts with a garden to confirmation and graduation and field work, farm work and all kinds of work, work, work. It's spring, everyone is busy.

 Sam working on a new section of a shed.

 We don't set up our big pool until after the nearly-annual graduation party so here Kili is enjoy being commander-in-chief-of-the-hose of the kiddie pool.

 I went to pick up some more chinchilla food and saw these darling wedding outfits ... for dogs.  After recovering from my laughter I realized that some dogs are people's babies, so of course they need to dress up for special occasions, too....

 Our blinkety-blank stupid cats love our dumpster and when it gets full they sneak in. One year, one of the cats got her paw wound up in some old ribbon and her foot fell off... no joke. This cat somehow got an empty tape roll stuck around her neck.  Really.  We are bound for Ripley's believe-it-or-not.
 Galadriel is this year's graduate and Grandma and auntie gave her a splendid bicycle built for 2!! Splendid!!

 We didn't get to have her senior picture taken yet due to the fact we weren't able to make the picture date. So she'll have hers taken when Eowyn has hers taken this coming up September. So it will be in Christmas cards :D
I've wondered where this car has been and sure enough I saw it at Costco. All the cool people shop at Costco... except us... we shop at Costco but we aren't cool.  *chuckle*

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