June 28, 2015

Recital and Other Things

 The day after graduation which was the day after Confirmation was the music recital.

 Merry played Bells are Ringing, Kangarooster, and Chill Out.
 Pipping played Showboat and Firefly.
 Frodo played Carefree Waltz and his own version of the Dr. Who theme.
 Galadriel played Sonatina and Swing Low, Sweet  Chariot.
 On the trumpet, Frodo played In Dreams and Battle Hymn
 Eowyn played Lullaby and Beautiful Dreamer
 Eleanor played The Bear Went over the Mountain and The Party.
 Rosie played Minuet and Country Gardens.
 Marigold all gussied up, including some kind of angelic aura.
 Poppy & Marigold

 WE'D BE RICH!  At $2.99 a cubic foot for manure, yes, we'd be RICH. I marvel that anyone would be manure in Wisconsin.
Ok, so I'm behind on uploading pictures, we set up the pool 4 weeks ago.

 Kili *chuckle*
 EWWW!  That's  a quarter below. I know for southerners this is nothing for size but here, ACK!!! At least this was found outside where it belongs.

 This is not a cullinary expirment, just a piece of mud taken out of some piece of machinery or other. We are easily amused.
 These days I seem to play dead more than alive.

The altar that Sam and Frodo helped reconstruct for the BEAUTIFUL Corpus Christi procession.  I didn't get a single picture during the event but will find some and post later.

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