June 21, 2015

Confirmation 2015

 Our wonderful bishop confirmed over 50 confirmandi in the traditional rite of Confirmation.
 After spending over 6 hours setting up for the reception and flowers and confirmandi/sponsor pews in Church we were all prepped up for the big day.

 We were prepared for 300-400 people to celebrate afterwards!

 We began the beautiful day with a Solemn High Mass.  Our adult choir sang the William Byrd Mass, Rachmaninoff's Ave Maria and any number of beautiful hymns. The good thing about Confirmation following a handful of days after Pentecost is that we are already prepped for the music!

 We were blessed with Deacon Chris Gernetzke (soon to be ordained), Fr. Tait and our priest, Fr. Alex.
 Bishop Morlino giving a talk to the confirmandi.

 Bilbo was confirmed. He took the name Paul after the great St. Paul. One of his uncles was his sponsor.

 Aragorn was blessed to be our nephew's sponsor. He chose St. Francis of Assisi
 I was blessed to be a sponsor for the daughter of close friends of ours. She chose St. Rita as her patron.

 There was a special elderly couple who converted and were being confirmed at the age of 80+. It was very touching!  After all the others had been confirmed the Bishop came down and confirmed them. It was really beautiful!
 During the singing of the Te Deum.
 Congrats Bilbo, our newest Soldier of Christ!
 We celebrated with pulled pork, fried chicken and a large variety of sides....
 ... and desserts. Cakes were made by the bakery Galadriel works for. YUM!

We used  350 large plates so there were at least 350 people there to celebrate plus babies/tots.

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