November 26, 2015

Hunting Season

 Kili eyeing the hunters at a safe distance.

 Aragorn got the first deer in our company.  His brother got the second.
 Prepping venison to take to the butcher to make into gyro meat. YUM!

 The vantage point I didn't view, but sent Pippin in to take a couple pictures.

 Sam "tarred and feather" (actually dunked and plucked) a couple turkeys for our Thanksgiving Day dinner. As I went out to visit our little donkey Jack who has been ill, I was greeted with this decor dangling from the uniloader (skidsteer).  I guess we do decorate afterall...?
 Sam got the 3rd deer in our party.  Frodo and his cousin are still anxiously awaiting their own shot.
 Sam cutting up one of the turkeys. It was SOOOO good, Very tender juicy breast meat.
 Just before we sat down to eat Frodo noticed a little black dot out in the field and ran to go see a raccoon.
There is some discrepancy whether it was Aragorn who shot the raccoon (a raccoon out during the day isn't a good thing) or if it was Kili who stood by the window with his finger gun and shot it.  :D

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