November 26, 2015

October & November Miscellaneous

 We planted dicon white radishes. When they are small they are spicy but as they get bigger they get better and better. They are SO good!  Not sure why anyone would plant pretty little red radishes when these big babies are so very tasty and tender, even when 8 pounds!  They get up to 20 pounds but we likely won't see that since the ground is starting to freeze.
 Choppin up a large green squash or pumpkin, I'm not sure.  We just stick it in the freezer in chunks, when we need some to make pumpkin muffins or bread or something we thaw it and run it through the shredder and it's good to go.

 Kili taking his sword to the pumpkin, he's always around to save the day!

 We get the best potatoes from our neighbors, this one was a cute one!
 Kili ready to fight orcs while watching LOTR... :D
 2 very silly girls

 Once again, giant bears at costco for a mere $189.
 The beauty of God shines on the hills.
 Fixing a broken window before the snow flies and Jack Frost visits.
 Helmet heads for playing airsoft.

 Caps for Poppy
 Kili taking on Daddy in a dual with swords.

 This is the largest radish we picked.
 Faith and Fizz Friday
 FIAT Friday

 This week was great!  A mom from HFH gave a great presentation of her fabulous trip to the Holy Land (yes, yes, I know, I know, I still have not done anything with my pictures from vienna and Rome and the 6 pages of pictures I made into pages for a book we're putting together were lost in my computer crash... argh...)  Anyway, it was so great to get to tour the Holy Land, even without going there.
 Merry & Bilbo helping pick feathers on ducks.
 Aragorn fighting a pumpkin. The pumpkin lost....

 Sorting books, always something we enjoy!
 I found this neat old statue at St. Vincent de Paul of the Flight into Egypt.
 Kili came along ton our Young Ladies' Choir practice and found himself a comfy place to take a nap.
 A first Holy Communion on the Feast of St. Cecilia.

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