March 31, 2016

UPDATE: Urgent Prayers - Ann Marie Deans


We took AnnMarie for an MRI on March 28 and the results showed that the tumor has grown back to the size it was before the surgery. It is obviously growing faster than anyone, including the doctors, expected. We are asking again for your prayers for Ann Marie, Julie and I to ask God to guide us on what route to take from this point.
As some of you know, we have the relic of Blessed Joann (John) Liccii who is the patron of brain issues. We are asking you to pray to him that God's will be done for AnnMarie.  
Please send to anyone we missed that might be interested.

3. The surgery lasted some 16 hours or so. She came out of it! Deo Gratias! First accomplishment!  Please pray for Ann Marie's recovery, no doubt it will be long and slow.  Life is so worth it!

2. December 11th we met with Ann Marie's doctor, his plan is to try to take the tumor out.  Surgery is scheduled for December 22nd, she is at home and is on a steroid to help bring inflammation down before they can operate.

Please pray! Having experienced one's daughter having a brain tumor and surgery, prayers are immensely appreciated.

1. Please pray for  sweet 12 year old Ann Marie Deans whose previously "dormant" brain tumor has doubled in size over the last year. It has been labeled as "inoperable".  Urgent prayers needed for Ann Marie and for her family.


  1. I don't know if you heard but they have done further tests and have decided to do surgery on the 22nd of December