March 6, 2016

Various Activities

 Baby Chrissy 'n me... actually Baby Chrissy was my sister's doll, I had Baby Alive but somehow all dolls seemed to become mine.
 At St. Vincent's recently look what I found! However, she stayed put as I wasn't going to pay $30 *snap* that's what comes of being "Vintage" age. Ho hum!
 Odd ball:  bike frozen in the ice. Whatever you do, do not want to put something away.
 Odd ball:  climbing. Whatever you do, don't walk up the stairs, climb up over the couch.
 Middle and Little boys playing Mass, and having altar boy practice.

 I was blessed to go on a mom's retreat. It was a perfect weekend for it. I woke up long before Mass and Rosary so I went out for a walk. This local retreat center is just gorgeous.

 I really like oak trees and this one is 400 years old.

 Very edifying to have a room with not much more than a bed, sink and crucifix.

 It's that time of year again... collecting sap and making maple syrup.  I do need to get more pictures of our system.

 It's a tiring life being 2.
 Some boys have hair that naturally stands on end, some make it that way. This person wished to remain anonymous.
 8 of the children went skiing with our homeschooling group for a reasonable rate.

 It was a perfect day!  Very beautiful, sunny and around 32.
 This was Bilbo's first time skiing. He did great!

 There was some moaning and groaning for a couple/few days afterwards.
 A little advertisement for a local Catholic Church Supply Store.
 I've been looking for a year for a new or "new-to-us" bike. This one takes the weird award. Not the bike we're looking for.
 4 of the cousins were in the musical Seussical. Bravo!
 Afterwards we had pizza with grandma and then the middles/littles ad libbed a play.  I believe each character played his or her own play and meshed them altogether.  There was the cowboy
 The... pirate?
 Edmund riding on an inchworm horse.

 The not-so-dainty woman
 The dainty woman
 The jester

Now, you tell me the story...

 Speaking of plays, my younger bunch are going to be with about 50 other children in our homeschooling group in a K-8 in this young lady's rendition of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
 Young play writer did a great job.  It'll be fun to watch this play unfold!
 How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could fill our wood shed?
 Take picture of ME!
 Say, "Cheese!"
 Open your eyes wider!
 I'm not sure about this one, an oration perhaps?
 This little piggie went to market, this little piggie stayed home....
This little piggie had roastbeef (no, actually he didn't)... This little piggie went wee, wee, wee all the way home to market.

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  1. Why am I making weird faces in those four pictures of Kili?