February 14, 2016

February goings On

 Merry got his first squirrel. Sam got a rabbit.... not his first, of course.
 Lovin' the snow

 Putting on  the littles rendition of The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe.
Kili, of course, is Charlie Brown.
You did know he spent time in Narnia, right?

 Working on re-doing the counter tops... this time in concrete.

 Kili with his sword and sheath.

 Back to our regularly scheduled performance.

 We started the day out with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, then a great brunch in the church basement. We proceeded to have "group 1" go straight to the bakery for cupcake decorating.

 The other children went to the local community center, just blocks from the bakery, for fun. Since I have the largest vehicle, I was the designated driver.
 The older girls in group 1 did a great job decorating. Then again, I have never been able to decorate even the simplest frosted cake so I thought everyone did great.

 We swapped out children between running in the gym and decorating and eating goodies.

 Friend lends a helping hand.  

 Kili in a sugar stupor.

 In the evening we attended a Mardi Gras dinner with the Bishop.
 The food was absolutely amazing. It was such an honor to have our family of 14 invited to such a lovely, elegant affair.  We all had a lovely time.

 The Bishop gave a little talk.  We are so very blessed with our Bishop.

 One of our priests carving the suckling pig.
 About this point in the photo shoot, Kili says, "My PIG!"

 The delicious paella! The pan was enormous.  I cannot remember but I thought Kili might be able to lie down in it, should he so desire.
 Frodo participated in the solo and ensemble.  He did a great job and received some great pointers to improve his playing.
 We decided to try out the local outdoor skating "rink", which is basically just watered-down-and-frozen field in town here.
 I cant' skate to save my life but some of my children did pretty well.  First place being Sam and Frodo tied, followed by Poppy.
 Some spent quit a bit of time sitting down and getting up again.  The 3 stooges improved immensely as time went on.

 Kili loved sliding.....................
 ..... and flopping down.
 I'll be back to St. Vincent's to look for some more gently used skates for those who don't have them.  We had a great time.
The bigger girls were able to share for now.

Eowyn busy writing yet another one of her books. Have pencil and paper, will travel.


  1. Your posts are always such a smorgasbord of delight (and they always crack me up). Charlie Brown in Narnia, of course. I remember when my kids filmed their own LWW. I laughed when you mentioned the skating 'Stooges', and then Josiah informed my the Stooges went by the name of Howard. :-)
    You are indeed so very blessed by your bishop! Happy Lent to all of you too!

  2. Aww, thanks! Your blog is my absolute favorite. It's where I go to smile and feel happy. I had missed my favorite picture from our skating outing today, not sure why it was left off, the last one I just added above of Emily working on one of her books by the rink. Speaking of books we loved your post with all those glorious books for Christmas! I promptly emailed the link to Emily, I believe she has been studying it ever since, wondering which books we need to add to our ever-growing library.