February 21, 2016

More February Skating and Projects

 A dear friend gave me a luxurious cap to match the equally luxurious muff she gave last year. Glorious sheepskin softness.  Here Kili is sporting it as Thing 12. (That's thing #12, vs Thing 1 and 2)
 Kili has a fascinating for drawing on a screen and he always draws the same thing, "Egg". What enters into the minds of 2 year olds is always interesting.
 We finished 2 of the counters, in our kitchen/dining area.  This is what is hidden underneath the concrete.
In our house, our kitchen counters get used excessively. We are a family that eats together at every meal, unless someone is working or happens to be out. So our counters get a fair amount of abuse... ok, more than a "fair" amount.

 Then they used some kind of etching solution to create some kind of unusual pattern
 Then it was topped with a two-part epoxy sealer.
 I thought they turned out really nicely!  It should last until the children get a sledge hammer...
 We were back out skating this past week.  It's really quite a huge skating rink and beyond the barricade is another side for hockey.
 I went back to the St. Vincent's with the plethora of skates and bought some for the girls and a tiny pair for Kili.
 Is are double bladed. Kili did very well on them but more of a "shuffle-shuffle" than a "skate-skate"

Hopefully after the warm spell and now it's chilly again it will re-freeze and we can skate some more. I didn't bother as I would surely break my neck. I always wanted to be a skater, a great skater, and olympic skater, but I never got much past pushing around a skate aid.  I'm fine skating on my boots!

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