August 14, 2016

Institute of Christ the King Summer Camps

 The first week on Monday I took the 3 boys, Frodo, Merry & Pippin up for the Institute of Christ the King summer camp for boys.

 On Friday I went up with a friend of mine to pick them up. I was hoping to show her the Oratory up there which is so gorgeous, but it was locked, though we did try every door.
 Each group has its own banner, the standard that marked their team.

 The grounds are so beautiful, as is the number of priests, abbes, and seminarians present.

 The best altar boy cassocks and surplices ever.

 They had a closing Solemn High Mass.  Men chanted and sang absolutely beautifully. IT was so hot this day that 1 boy fainted and another went out.  I was melting but managed not to keel over.
 Following the Mass was the closing ceremony. The boys hooted and hollered their gratitude for the camp and in congratulations to the winners of various events. Each boy went home with a group photo and a lovely rosary from Canon Huberfeld from Fatima. What a blessing!
 Afterwards we made a pitstop at Red Robin.  Check out the size of the unlimited refills rootbeer floats.

 The following Monday I took up 3 girls, Eowyn, Rosie,  Eleanor along with 4 other girls from another family. Interesting Eowyn and Rosie ended up on the same team.
 On Friday I went up again to attend the closing Solemn High Mass with an absolutely amazing girls choir and the closing ceremonies.
We are so blessed to have this annual camp to attend full of faith, joy, enthusiasm, friendship, and push-ups :D

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