August 7, 2016

Summer Stuff

 "Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and me!" is  a great local summer catechisis program that we are blessed to have, thanks to a wonderfully faith-filled woman! (Thanks Beth P.!) This year they studied the "14 Stations of Mercy" (the Stations of the Cross). Each morning they  met and did 2 or 3 Stations of the Cross (completing all 14 in 5 days).  The meditations were really lovely!

 Each group, lead by a teen leader, had their own standard.
 Fr. Rick Heilman (and Pippin)
 Everyday they had exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, adoration & Benediction.

 The adult session covered the Spiritual & Corporeal Works of Mercy.  I think they are pretty much a mother's daily check-list, our "to do" list.  Everyday we feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, visit the imprisoned (those in the crises of the day), etc... We are very blessed!
 The last day we had a lovely Eucharistic Procession.....
 .... and enrollment in the brown Scapular (or renewal for those who already were enrolled)

 We closed with ice cream sundae bar and games.

 I love sunflowers!
 Busy with projects as usual.

 removal of a tree, which is mostly grapevines.

 We were able to salvage a small evergreen and try to replant it. We'll see if it survives the winter.  Kili decided this was his little tree.
 The porch needed to be fixed due to some kind of settling of the ground or something.


 fraternal  something
 dressing up is always interesting
 This bbq sauce was sent to us, literally the name is "Pappy's Not Made in China".  I will be looking into other bbq sauces to see if the usual ones we buy... when we don't make it... are also not made in China.  Imported Chocolate (from European sources) is one thing but BBQ sauce from china is another.
 We had a torrential rainstorm that produced some 4" of rain in a little over an hour. That wasn't all the rain, just the rain for that particular hour.
 Being storm chasers of the prudent kind, we waited until the rain slowed down to drive around to check the rain levels.  This tree was down in our driveway.  We were definitely in the "heavily hit" area.

 That is our road and mailbox.... seriously. Thankfully we had wrapped a cottonwood tree-let around the mailbox or it probably wouldn't have been there.

 Very deep at a nearby horse farm.

 Afterwards there was a lovely double rainbow. The double being very light so didnt' really show up very well.

 This rainstorm was a great way to fill up the extra water needed in the pool.  Also proof that we actually did get 4+" of rain.
 Kili finally decided to leave the ladder of the pool.  August seems to be his key month for becoming daring.

 I just learned about this lovely statue of St. Dominic that is on our parish church property.
 Frodo is very into solving Rubic's cubes of various styles.
 "You should have seen the other guy!"  The other guy happened to be a bee, probably a yellow jacket.
 We watched the children of a friend of ours and it took the tot a while to warm up. Thankfully he left a happy boy! :D
Mary Ingalls?
 Still hoping to get a giant pumpkin.
This is ONE giant pumpkin plant :D

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