November 18, 2007

Cacao Beans

Do be careful what your husband listens to on public radio. Aragorn somewhat recently listened to a program about cacao beans so began the search to find some cacao beans. I was turned off when I watched the process on-line on how they process them. Seeing 1/2 clad workers walking through as they raked them didn't impress me (not to mention I'm a milk chocolate fan). I was informed it must be *whole* beans not nibs. Being the ever-loving wife that I am, I persevered in this endeavor. I finally found some Organic Raw Whole Bean Cacao beans on ebay. They arrived and one sniff told me I was not about to eat them. (I believe the bitter smell is from the barefeet I saw wandering through them?) However, said mentioned ever-loving wife that I am, I did condescend to finely chop some (into nibs!) and put them in chocolate chip, almond cookies. (Yummy)

Aragorn has been taking his stab at the fine eating of cacao beans. His favorite combination is cacao bean with 3 (Ghirardelli!) milk chocolate chips. But he also said it was pretty good wrapped in cheese. Meals are interesting these days!

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