November 11, 2007

Laundry Jungle Gym

Serious line-drying goes on at our place. I ordered these laundry drying racks having no idea they were nearly 6 feet tall with dowels that are about 1 inch in diameter.

While folding laundry one day I caught Pippin climbing up to "help" get the laundry off.

As you can see this is one heavy duty line-dryer.

Yes, Pippin is a rascal.

And this was the last time he "helped" in this manner! But it was fun for one time anyway!


  1. ROFL! Your kids are just the most lovely little adventureous bunch!! I get such a kick out of them! Especially Pippin!! I can't wait to see how he is as he gets older!!

    BTW where did you get those drying racks?? I would love to hang dry my clothes but never find big enough racks and we don't have much room in our house, but those look perfect!! And were they expensive??

  2. Oh, that is great! I wish we had one of those!

    Yes, expensive but if you know how many cheapy walmart ones we've been through you'd think these are pretty reasonable! I'm sure you could probably find them less expensive if you look around, though there isn't a brand on the rack that I can find!