November 3, 2007

To Tide You Over

It has been a busy few weeks at Trinity Acres. We got colds just in time to have company so between sniffles and coughs we didn't get any cleaning done. However, one finds that one do not have to clean spit-spot for "kindred spirits" and the fun and joy continue just the same. I will be blogging our fun shortly (pictures are re-sized and ready to upload on my slooow dial-up) but in the meantime I'll tide you over (all 3 of you who visit her that is!) with a few interesting recent blogs.

My dear artistic friend Cecilia in Italy had a very interesting blog for All Souls' Day. Of course it is all in Italian but the images are incredible. I had never seen a single picture for All Souls' Day before she posted this... here is what she has said in an email in English: The text points the close relationship between death and life in the ordinary daily life in the Medieval Age. There were lot of frescoes, on the facades of the buildings, inside the palaces and houses (not only in churches) representing it and admonishing about the possible sudden death.

On a completely different note, my Sam has a fan at Ad Silvam Ibimus who raves about the Hickory Nuts his dear wife "ordered" from Sam. Sam of course was tickled!

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful visit! What a cool corn maze!