December 23, 2007

Bilbo's Baptism

The night before Bilbo's Baptism we had quite a storm. Very heavy winds along with rain, sleet and snow all mixed in together. So the drive to the church in the morning was quite the feat. The big 15 passenger van does not have 4wd but it managed its way through a 3 foot drift!

This is the boy suit I had made (very unprofessionally I might add). The cuffs and bowtie were made from scraps from my wedding gown. (The girl Baptism gown has the same plus a panel from my wedding veil)... sentimental me!

The Baptism was the Traditional Rite. (Here is an example)
Bilbo was quiet until after the exorcisms when he proceeded to wail the rest of the time until he was fed. Poor boy was without food for almost a whole hour... this is a long time for a belly that wants food every 8-1/2 minutes!

God Parents.

Some of Aragorn's family were able to join us for lunch at our home. My big helpful girls made most of the food alongside me. We served a menu picked out by the children, just a simple fare of chicken salad, summer sausage, cheese, rye bread dip, cold veggie pizza, and chips... and Sam popped popcorn! MIL & SIL made the lovely and delicious cake! I love the dove!


  1. Beautiful Julie!! Blessed and Holy Christmas to you and yours!

    God bless,
    Adele and family

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