December 30, 2007

Christmas Part II

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go.... (though there was no river)
Christmas evening was spent with Aragorn's family. We all had a lovely time and as usual the delicious 85 course meal was absolutely delicious.

The tables were set up beautifully. Betcha can't guess if they are paper or China plates....

Eowyn holding her nearly 6m old cousin.

All the cousins. 16 children ages 11-1/2 and under!

An impromptu Nativity was performed.

Bilbo was a rather disgruntled Baby Jesus.

The flock of angels



Grandma has a lovely Baby Jesus!

Rosie with Baby Jesus

As I mentioned in Part I, my mother bought us the Kings Tents for our Nativity set as our Christmas gift. They are really beautiful.
Speaking of gifts, how does one manage gifts in a large family.... With 9 children, the total number of gifts is rather abundant when all is said and done. So we started, several years ago, celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas from Christmas to Epiphany. We spread out the gifts we receive through these 12 days. Christmas is for Grandparents and Stocking Stuffers. Some days are gifts from various extended family, some days are crafts, baking or a new movie. We give the children their "big" gift on Epiphany (a snitchable idea from my friend Karen in ME).

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