December 29, 2007

Christmas Part I

Merry Christmas!

I had asked a good friend if she'd make dresses for my girls for Christmas. I just told her to surprise me. She is an absolutely impeccable seamstress. The children could wear the dresses inside out and still look nice. All lovely rolled seams (or whatever they are called). We decided on some vests for the boys as well.

Sam and Bilbo








Nativity Scene at the Church. It is huge and very beautiful.

Sam made Aragorn a windmill blade.

Grandma added to our Nativity set with the 3 Kings Tents!

When Daddy goes shopping (on the internet) one just never knows. We opted not to put it on their floor in the night for fear they might think it was the dog!

The big girls helped me in our store this year so they picked out a new outfit for their 18" dolls. Hopefully they never outgrow dolls... I never did!

Christmas with a newborn means paper plates and a less elegant fare but it was yummy just the same! Aragorn brought some some delicious honey glazed hams, we made a potato dish, some very odd jello cubes with cream, grandma's braided bread and Sara Lee provided a chocolate pie and a mint pie.

The Legend of the Christmas Rose
We pulled together our own little Christmas play.

Eowyn was a Shepherd and of course the narrator.

Galadriel was Our Lady and Rosie was Angel Gabriel

Sam was St. Joseph and Bilbo of course was Baby Jesus

He was all of a week-ish old.

Frodo, Merry and Pippin were the 3 Kings, though Pippin was more like a stooge. Our scenery was a bit scant having forgotten to buy some pain to cover the writing on the boxes! But no one minded. As a side note the boxes delivered a darling little stove for our room and I'd highly recommend it!

Eleanor was Madalon from the Legend of the Christmas Rose

The full cast.
After this to relax a bit we watched the movie "The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey" It was so cute.... grab a tissue, you'll laugh and cry in this one! I'm not a movie person but I really enjoyed it!
Part II will come along soon enough....

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