January 18, 2008

Bilbo's First Month

Bilbo turned 1 Month Old (biased mother thinks he's so doggone cute)
He gained 3 # 7 oz and grew 1-1/2 inches.
He did eat every 8-1/2 minutes give or take a minute or two so what can we expect? I think this was our biggest baby weight gain for the first month. Most of our babies gained about 2# the first month.
Bilbo will also suck a thumb or finger *and* he's our first who will take a pacifier. He doesn't use it much of course given how often he eats but the girls love playing mommy and give him a nuk.
He smiles now too. Why are babies so cute at 5am when they smile???

Eowyn enjoys reading to Pippin and Bilbo.

Eleanor wants to hold Bilbo all day.

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