January 18, 2008

Snow, Snow and More Snow

Frodo shovels for the first snowstorm.

The first storm brought us 6 beautiful inches of snow. Of course there are no snow days at Sts. Philip Neri and John Vianney Academy.

Howeever there is always a break for "shop". These are the tools Sam needed to repair a *shovel*... I kid you not, when boys are allowed to be boys even the simple repair of a snow shovel is serious business.... just wait til he gets to reading the Dangerous Book for Boys, given to him by my sister!

I took the Sam and Frodo with me into a hardware store to buy a couple more shovels. Have you ever seen the way boys' eyes light up in a hardware store?! Sam saw this beauty of a snow shovel... complete with auger. Sam didn't ask but the look in his eyes told me he most likely could not live without this shovel. Frodo was satisfied with a plain shovel.

Said shovels were the investment of the year and have gotten many miles this year. One would think we lived in Buffalo, NY. As of today we have very "professionally" measured the snow fall at 51 inches!!!

And you ask what our system is... After each snowfall we carefully measure how deep the snow is on the picnic table. Then the table is wiped off and ready for the next snowfall. (We did check ourselves for accuracy when we reached 35". The "real" people who measure at the airport had come up with 34-1/4"

So needless to say it has been a winter wonderland around here... it beats mud! But that is yet to come I'm afraid!

Cross Country Skiing
I found some cross country skiis on Craigslist and children have taken up skiing.


Eowyn (wearing pink?)

Galadriel (wearing blue?)

The children were given more skiis as a gift... and better yet this included skiing with Bilbo's God Parents. This is Eleanor trying out the skiis. For 4 years old she did really well.

They trekked quite a long ways.

Some faster than others! I stayed in where it was warm.

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