December 24, 2008

Christmas Tree

We have always gotten our Christmas Tree on the 4th Sunday of Advent (or that Saturday). This year we had 18 inches of snow within just a few days prior followed by windchill factors of 30 degrees below zero! Finally Aragorn and I went out in search of a Christmas tree and opted for a 12 foot fake tree *majoy blush* And no we did not opt for the upside down fake tree or the red fake tree or the white fake tree or the all metal no needles "tree". When you buy your fake tree at that time of year the savings are pretty impressive!

In our home the children do all the decorating. Needless to say Martha Stewart would flee in terror. The tree is generally heavily decorated for the bottom 3 feet ... did I mention that this fake tree is 12 feet tall?
Galadriel did make an attempt to decorate a bit further up.

I was not taking the pictures or I would have fainted. I didn't see this balancing act of Sam until I was resizing these pictures!

This year we opted to put our tree up in our loft and I think we are satisfied, at least our living room is still liveable!

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