December 30, 2008

Wholesomewear Swimwear

Wholesomewear is having their annual sale on modest swimwear. They are well worth the price and they last for more than 1 season if you can keep your girls from growing, but that's what large families are for, for passing down quality clothing :)
I had to google a bit to find a picture I could smuggle off the internet and the place I smuggled this one from had the funniest article. I had to stop reading lest I bust a gut laughing at people's ignorace. The author of the article described these swimsuits as "terrifying and just plain weird". Of course I saw the swimsuits for the first time last year and thought "Oh how cute." But of course I'm pretty far off the fashion meter. :)
As far as weird, we are a large family, we are weird by our very nature. It is very unlikely anyone will be staring at our swimsuits as they will be very busy trying to count to 9 children. You'd be surprised how few people can count 9 children. And of course you put 9 children in a lake bobbing up and down there might as well be 20. It is so fun to just to see their faces.

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