February 21, 2009

International Luncheon

We hosted the IHHers International Luncheon. This Flag was the one that was flown in our homeschooling group's honor in Iraq. (Blogged previously)
Food from Japan.... sushi with out the raw-ness. However I will admit it was the very first time I ever ate seaweed. I had a terrible seaweed phobia growing up so I feel in some small way I got my revenge on seaweed this day.

Guess who brought the German *Potato* Salad?

Some families brought projects they had completed. We have not completed ours. We are working on Spain. I did however get a chicken recipe from one of our good priests.... it was all in Spanish. Cute. Thankfully Barron's has a great Spanish/English dictionary that has gotten to be my very best friend.

Hmmm... I was having trouble with transferring pictures to my computer *someone* broke my cord. I see that not all the pictures transferred as I had some nice ones of the young lady who gave an oral presentation on a couple trips. I seem to have perpetual digi-camera problems.

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