August 28, 2009

August Went Where?!

I had this tremendous privlege (why does that word never look correct?!) to join a lovely group of ladies for lunch. Unfortunately the "new" batteries my son put in my camera were old batteries... I can see how easily that could happen.......... so this is the one and only picture.
Way back in April a friend of mine gave me this balloon for my birthday... I told the children *not* to take the ribbons off so off came the ribbons and up went my balloon (no I did not cry) So up stayed that balloon in the beams for 4 months!! It finally came down.

Yes, can you believe it?! The Good Year Blimp actually flew over our property.

Ok, so we are easily entertained.

Picnic at the park.

Eleanor and another young lady.
It's not the heat it's the humidity.

Sooooooooo.... why exactly do we buy toys for our children when pebbles are just as fun or funner.
Why howdy!
Same said friend who had given me the balloon had a nice little brunch... I might add... delicious.... brunch in honor of a 10th baby. It was such an enjoyable morning... and afternoon... at least until my dear husband called wondering how a brunch could last 5 hours.....

Boys.... and big boys.... like toys too......

What started out as a plan to fix our main windmill ended up a plan to work on something else. No sooner Aragorn got this almost up to the windmill the wind began to blow.... I don't think I need to explain that one cannot fix a windmill when the wind is blowing? haha
It is true that we had a rather unseasonably chilly summer.......... that is to those who are not in their 8 and 9th month.... but this is a bit absurd. (I might add that I thought it was plenty warm)
The boys lost their privlege for the time being to tending to the chickens, due to a bit of *ahem* irresponsibility. So the girls have taken over the hen house, as a little added incentive Aragorn took the too big girls to pick out a couple bunnies to tend to. They are so cute... but BIG. Good grief, they are going to be the size of large watermelons some day. The tan one is a girl named Flopsy (we are very original) and the boy has not yet been named.
Admiring the bunnies.
This plant grows up the side of the house behind our Mary Statue and this is the 3rd year it has been growing and we finally have a flower!!

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